I have been listening to a very powerful music these past months, let’s say. I needed to study for the entrance exams, pump myself for going to work or simply wanted something to pick my mood up when feeling like I simply cannot make it. As a person who gets easily motivated as well as distracted, music has been my saving grace.

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Airport Fashion #1


I am not the best person to ask for advice on what to wear, but airport fashion is something I watch in order to get a gist of what is fashionable these days. I have read somewhere that the trend of watching idol’s attire is pretty recent and haven’t existed pre-2008. However, nowadays it is in its full bloom. Kpop performers sporting the latest and greatest from the catwalk only to change into comfortable clothes once in the airplane, it surely is a peculiar phenomenon. From time to time I get inspired myself, airport fashion is a secret love of mine and a source of information for my own clothing purchases.

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