On Working


(Baristas at Brunetti’s, Joseph Zbukvic)

I am one of the last people on the Earth you should have gotten the advice on working. I did my fair share of tutoring jobs and volunteering, but it wasn’t until this month I went to work regularly, Monday to Friday and earned a minimal wage like most people do to survive. From 2 PM until 6, I slave away the hours finally doing something productive. Plus I get to work for people with convictions similar to mine.  Continue reading

Follow Me

I spend a good portion of my free time online, so I update my social media sites frequently. I am active on a variety of them at the moment, so I decided to dedicate a small space on the blog to compile a concise list of all the sites I frequent. Feel free to ad me as a friend and don’t be afraid to chat me up. I don’t bite. In fact, I welcome the friend request or two 🙂


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Long time no see



I have been M.I.A. from this blog long enough for it to deserve some explanation. It wasn´t that I didn’t feel motivated and inspired to write another post, in fact, I have a few of them written waiting to be published. All of them were very enjoyable to produce and I can’t wait to get back on the horse after a long time of being away.

The truth is, I have to address some very personal issues I have been struggling with for past few years. I promised myself I will be open about my problems even here and therefore I am making this post solely about mental health.

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Airport Fashion #1


I am not the best person to ask for advice on what to wear, but airport fashion is something I watch in order to get a gist of what is fashionable these days. I have read somewhere that the trend of watching idol’s attire is pretty recent and haven’t existed pre-2008. However, nowadays it is in its full bloom. Kpop performers sporting the latest and greatest from the catwalk only to change into comfortable clothes once in the airplane, it surely is a peculiar phenomenon. From time to time I get inspired myself, airport fashion is a secret love of mine and a source of information for my own clothing purchases.

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Favourite Albums

I love listening to music as much as any person does. Since childhood it has been my way of therapy, and my taste in music changed with additional years. I thought it would be nice to document the genre of music I am currently into, therefore to see what kind of music I have been listening, I made a list of my favourite albums. All of them are wholesome pieces that I can play any day without skipping a single song and it was hard to pick a track to represent each album. But without further ado, this is the list I have compiled.

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