I created this blog to have a space to talk about three of my passions: Asian media, language learning and books. I love talking about them incessantly and having a blog dedicated to my opinions and musings on these topics is a pastime I gladly undertake. You don’t have to tell me twice and I can get my mouth running full speed on any of these things.

I fell in love with English still at elementary school, choosing a bilingual grammar school to broaden my knowledge of it. Soon, other languages followed and I immersed myself in the worlds and cultures I could only dream of. I am currently studying English, Chinese, German, Japanese and Korean and very, very soon, Arabic and Hindi will follow. I hope this blog will help others on their language acquisition journey at least a little bit.

With the language came music and TV. From foreign movies to easy to listen pop, I loved the way of dipping into the water of new things that came with exposing myself to new cultural products of a given country. Writing the reviews came naturally to me as a way to analyze the media. And rant. Because I love to do that too.

As your regular book lover, I borrow way too many items from library and proceed to struggle to meet the deadlines of anything else apart the unrequired reading I am just going through. I read anything from chick lit to feminist philosophy books and historical novels.

In addition to all of this, I suffer from various mental illnesses and venting about the process of going through healing and attending therapy sessions would make for an occassional post, too. I have been hospitalized at the psychiatric ward for the first time in 2015 and since then, the journey of getting my life back together has been hard. Writing about my experiences here will hopefully help me reflect on all the psychiatric institutions and practices I have and will encounter.

Other things I love: stationery, Filofax, organizing, writing short stories that never get to be published, scrapbooking, fashion, painting and sketching, making plushie toys, ranting about my private life on the interwebs, Aoi Yuu, Rainer Maria Rilke, Margaret Atwood, handwriting and drinking insurmountable amounts of coffee

Stay positive, bells 🙂

 (picture source: izbuzo)