I have been listening to a very powerful music these past months, let’s say. I needed to study for the entrance exams, pump myself for going to work or simply wanted something to pick my mood up when feeling like I simply cannot make it. As a person who gets easily motivated as well as distracted, music has been my saving grace.

Now that this part of my life is over, I long for something different. I looked into some trip-hop, chillout and ballads to listen to, and I have amassed quite a collection in my mobile phone. From Nujabes to IU, I listen to more mellow songs nowadays. It helps me relax and not think about the world as seriously and with so much intention as I had when I was one of the many busy overachievers out there.

I have been bopping to Taeyeon’s Fine the most. Not the most positive song out there, talking about how she can’t get over a breakup, it still merges her vocals and a simple guitar in the background pretty well. It quickly became my favourite out of all of her solo singles. I have yet to listen to the whole discography of hers, but I want to change that as soon as possible.

Another long time favourite of mine is the collaboration between MYK&Shirosky which resulted in a marvelous album called Adaptations. I highly recommend everyone to give it a try and dive into it. It could be downloaded for free here on their Bandcamp website. Yay for the freebies. The music itself is very much inspired by the aforementioned Nujabes complete with rap lyrics that give a very mellow vibe.

Other than music, I have been reading, surprisingly. Finally found some time to join a reading challenge, two of them, actually. The first one is @EmptyShelfie and it basically entails reading through your already acquired books and, surprisingly, empty your shelf. Behold, as a person who amassed about fifteen books just this year (for a great deal, mind you) I decided to finally go through them and enjoy the fact that I don’t have to read them with a goal of adding them to my reading list for oral exams. Now, I can finally dive into them as a free person.

The second challenge is a @Duodecathon. You are supposed to complete one challenge each month, at least that’s how I understood it, and for this month, I have chosen to read 1.200 pages.

My current reading list, which stems from this fact, is a combination of both of these readathons, and I picked three books I want to read until the end of June: Lost&Found by Brooke Davis, The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton, and last but not least a book that’s been given to me, ironically, on Christmas, and that is Murakami’s The Birthday Stories.

I think that given there are five days until the end of the month, I still have a lot on my plate. Reading more than one thousand pages is a pretty big deal to me, but if I were to divide it into days, it’s just about 240 pages daily. Nothing major.

Anywho, I would like to get some recommendation’s from you, my lovely readers. What is the music you have been listening to lately, and what kind of books you’ve been reading? I would gladly join some reading sprints or buddy read a book, since it seems like so much fun! You can find me on my twitter and follow me, I don’t bite!

Have a great day!

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