Dimension 4: The Docking Station


This post has been in my drafts for so long it actually became redundant. The f(x)’s Dimension 4 happened too long ago for me to call it news or some appropriate review since those are actually current and have something to say. I am making this post mainly as part of the series of notes on K-pop idols and I want to keep it as simple as possible. Sharing my views about performance art is the first for me and I hope this makes at least a little bit of sense.

The concert itsef starts with a black and white silent movie, introducing the cube as a mysterious element somehow connecting the four members. Suddenly, each member is confronted with a portal to the Dimension 4, which they step into without hesitation. This way, they fall into the virtual reality like falling into a rabbit hole, the place complete with infinite stairs, and landing on Moon. The members appear on the stage with cubes covering their heads and they soon lift to show their faces one by one.

After this introduction, the first segment is started off by Bounce, which showcases Amber and Luna, as we soon discover, the most prominent members of the night. A dynamic hip hop track engages the duo in complex choreography as they make way to Victoria, who shows her flexibility, as per usual. It makes me wonder if her talent isn’t being flaunted too much, but with the rareness of their appearances on the Korean tv shows, I think that one leg lift and dance intro doesn’t hurt anybody.

Electric Shocks is kicked off by a light show and girls appear in brown glittery blazers and black outfits. Krystal covers most of the Sulli’s part effectively and without any problems with the vocal range. Soon, Red Light follows and back dancers accompany f(x) in impressive synchronization during the chorus. Intermission allows Luna to grace us with her perfect vocals as she proceeds to have a solo involving rock version of this part of the track, all of this accompanied by drums and electric guitar. The song ends and Dangerous follows with its lively choreography. To be completely honest, it reminds me of SNSD a lot, but I can not pinpoint why.


The performance which stood out the most to me was Dracula. It perfectly showcases the group’s capabilities as performers, the choreography is flawless, complete with the tell-tale tap on the neck oh so suitable for the lyrics of the song. No wonder the performance gained such following on social media, is one of the most shared, at least according to my own observations.



The transitions were incredibly smooth and not disruptive at all. One song shifts into another with ease and finesse. Firstly, the choreography of Rainbow, which consists mainly of body waves, turns into the Pretty Girl’s dance performance that relies mainly on heavy stomping and hands clapping that makes for a great song to pump up the audience. The fast-paced transitions change one song into another without you even noticing. The girls finish with Diamond, the song we saw so much during their promotion of 4 Walls as an opening. The upbeat tempo continues, hip hop choreography proves that f(x) isn’t just your regular girl group with bland overused moves and can handle something more complex when it comes to shaking their booty on stage. I would like to see them getting choreographies like this more often. This whole segment makes for a perfect moment of the concert.


Overall I found the whole concert enjoyable. There were some parts, however, with which I wasn’t very satisfied with. The first one would be the costumes. I agree that concerts sometimes require some flashier elements, but the fact that they used the school uniforms was such a boring choice of wardrobe. I wouldn’t mind if they changed a coordi if they were to do this again.

Another thing was the screen and the movies and lyrics that were played behind the members as they were performing. While still going with the school theme, one of them was an actual blackboard with lyrics written on it. I mean, yes, but also, nooo nooo. I could stand them getting rid of the whole concept. They are grown women for god’s sake, and the style of their music has evolved into something that would be like the Pink Tape promotional video for Shadow or something similar. I was disappointed by them not going this route instead.

The choice of songs and choreography was fine, though. I have no qualms about this aspect of the concert. The most surprising and enjoyable was the Dracula performance which I mentioned in the beginning.

If I were to sum it up, I was entertained, but I wouldn’t watch the whole thing again as one piece, I would rather pick some of my favourite moments and forget the rest of what happened. I would give this a solid 60 percent if I were to judge it properly since I am very disappointed in their introduction to the concerts. Especially since I know how interesting things is SMent capable of. I hope that their next project will be something worth waiting for as we have been waiting for their comeback for 2 years and no news of it are reaching my eyes and ears. Other than that, this has been a sloppy, sloppy thing on part of their agency. Not due to the lack of the talent.


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