Intentions of 2017


(Harmony, Zaira Dzhaubaeva)

I know, I know, it’s the end of January and by no means the time to make any resolutions anymore. However, I had a pretty busy month, first travelling to Czech republic twice, then I was sick (which I still kinda am) and then some stuff at work popped up, so this blog went on a back burner for a while. Now, however, I am alive and kicking and ready for an official list of my intentions for this year.

The idea of intentions instead of resolutions came to me while watching one of the videos of a lovely The Book Hoarder. She mentioned that as an opposite of resolutions, intentions are something one intends to do rather than holding oneself to a high standard of needing to accomplish them no matter what. I liked the thought of it, implemented it into my daily life and now I am looking at the full eleven months ahead of us as something exciting and brimming with possibilities rather than another checklist of “this needs to be done”.

I keep a journal and one spread in it is already dedicated to 100 things I want to try in 2017. I am by no means set on accomplishing all of them, though they are something at which I look from time to time to get me inspired and look forward to another day. Here are the few of the resolutions/intentions I set for this year:

  1. travel to a country I haven’t been before
  2. go fully vegan
  3. read 100 books
  4. complete 20 things on my bucket list
  5. get admitted to the uni of my choice
  6. become a creature of habit
  7. quit smoking
  8. start doing yoga- go to a lesson for disabled people which is for free, yay
  9. start running
  10. develop a skincare routine
  11. write more letters
  12. participate in 10 readathons
  13. win NaNoWriMo
  14. go on a pub crawl
  15. become an early bird
  16. reconnect with friends from universities I attended
  17. get my ears pierced
  18. journal more
  19. don’t just passively consume social media, but use it
  20. visit a friend in England

And so on…

As you can see, it’s a toss between bucket list and resolutions and I vow to not take its completion as seriously as it sounds. Life is stressful enough to put oneself through any excessive demands you come up with on the first day of a new year. Just let it be and enjoy what is given to you each day.

Anywho, I hope to get to see you all very soon with another post. Indeed, I promised myself to use social media more than I do now and coming up with new stuff for this blog is such a lovely way to spend free time. So until next time, see you!




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