30 Day Book Challenge


This is a very old challenge, the blog I found it had it posted in 2014, and it is an Instagram challenge. I, however, won’t be uploading such huge amount of bookish pictures to my gram and instead will write a word or two here, on my good old blog. Hope I will finish this and actually post every day, which would be a great accomplishment for me since any kind of habitual work is not ingrained in my DNA. So, fingers crossed.

As of tomorrow, I will be doing the first day of the challenge and will finish at the last day of February. Indeed, I wish it will be a next step to my intention of becoming a creature of habit and these posts will find their audience in one way or another. I honestly can’t wait to share my opinions on the books I will write about and look forward to having fun with this challenge as much as possible.

I’m not going to lie, some of those post will be pre-scheduled since I have a few important events coming up in February, not to mention that some days, the inspiration to write won’t strike me as much as, let’s say, today. I will be checking comments regularly though, and other than posting this challenge, I will write other blog posts about different topics. So stay tuned 🙂


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