On Working


(Baristas at Brunetti’s, Joseph Zbukvic)

I am one of the last people on the Earth you should have gotten the advice on working. I did my fair share of tutoring jobs and volunteering, but it wasn’t until this month I went to work regularly, Monday to Friday and earned a minimal wage like most people do to survive. From 2 PM until 6, I slave away the hours finally doing something productive. Plus I get to work for people with convictions similar to mine. 

Working at a vegetarian buffet is a pretty easy job. Come on time, prepare the chalk board with the next day’s menu, wash the floors and tables and the toilettes, work with the cash register, serve some coffee, nothing more, nothing less. The staff in the kitchen is immensely helpful and kind, and whenever I make a mistake they point it out in the nicest way possible. I really don’t know what I would do without them being there.

The best part about the work is that I am there from conviction. As a vegetarian who is slowly transitioning to veganism, I am simply overjoyed to not have to spend a day looking at dead animal corpses marinated in whatever sauce it is. In addition to that, I get leftovers home and I don’t have to cook or spend insurmountable money on whatever dish I wanna make. I just take stuff from work and eat that.

In the meantime, I have forgotten all of my duties at some point, which my coworker who takes morning shifts used to regularly point out on a piece of paper, nearly broke the coffee machine, undercharged several people and let one man dine completely for free. As you can see, mishaps are occurring all over the place, but to my surprise, I am still looking forward to work, the world is still standing and so am I. I hope one day I will think of these days with kindness and humour.

At the same time, I have decided that working just one job isn’t enough for an overachiever like me, and I added two more. One is technically not official yet, however the bookstore which I fancy takes part-timers all the time and I just need to go there with my resume.

Another job is in… surprise, surprise… journalism. There is a small site about cities in my country which looks for journalists, even ones without any background in the field, to produce some content. It could vary from cultural events to local news, it has only one requirement – it has to concern the city given. I sent in my application with two pieces I have written and as of now, I am an official writer of a regional news site. I am proud of myself and I can see my dreams of being a journalist slowly taking shape and form. Soon I will be running around with a voice recorder and notebook. Joking, I already carry a notebook with me.

So that’s what’s been happening lately in my life. The work’s swell, the pay is ok, but the satisfaction that comes from working with and for the causes I am passionate about is the biggest reward.


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