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I spend a good portion of my free time online, so I update my social media sites frequently. I am active on a variety of them at the moment, so I decided to dedicate a small space on the blog to compile a concise list of all the sites I frequent. Feel free to ad me as a friend and don’t be afraid to chat me up. I don’t bite. In fact, I welcome the friend request or two 🙂


I have a total amount of three Tumblrs. First one is personal, second one is for learning languages and my studies, and the third one is for writing inspiration and story building. I am a very visual person and I tend to go on picture spams rampages often, especially on the last Tumblr, so heads up, folks.

Since I love making lists and keeping things organised, I found a beautiful site called Listography where you can make lists upon lists of literally anything and everything. I am still in the process of utilizing this site to the maximum.

Now for the keeping track of what you watch and listen to, I chose for music scrobbling, mydramalist for checking in with Asian dramas, variety shows and movies, and Goodreads for books I read.

Lastly, I tweet my life away. And that’s about it for now.


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