Airport Fashion #1


I am not the best person to ask for advice on what to wear, but airport fashion is something I watch in order to get a gist of what is fashionable these days. I have read somewhere that the trend of watching idol’s attire is pretty recent and haven’t existed pre-2008. However, nowadays it is in its full bloom. Kpop performers sporting the latest and greatest from the catwalk only to change into comfortable clothes once in the airplane, it surely is a peculiar phenomenon. From time to time I get inspired myself, airport fashion is a secret love of mine and a source of information for my own clothing purchases.



As you may have noticed, I prefer toned down versions of clothes, preferably in earthy colours with a preppy, official feel to them. I like when the outfit is simple, serves its purpose, but is still pleasing to the eye in some way. I like to see things that are wearable, something a person in the office could wear.



Taeyeon’s outfit has a more of a romantic feel to it, complete with clunky shoes and comfortable sweater. I am a big fan of bows like these, not disrupting the overall outfit. The bow in the front is a big plus, it makes the dress cute, but not overly sugary and infantile, which I like a lot.


I am liking Seohyun’s fashion recently. Since Jessica’s departure from the group, SNSD lost their most fashionable member. Seohyun’s fashion is simple, yet feminine, just what I like. Her haircut suits the black romper, too.



The red shirt and coat are very bold and make for a eyecatching outfit. It kinda bugs me that they aren’t the same shade, otherwise it would be a perfect combination.



{this post could have easily been titled What Does Seohyun Wear}


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