Favourite Albums

I love listening to music as much as any person does. Since childhood it has been my way of therapy, and my taste in music changed with additional years. I thought it would be nice to document the genre of music I am currently into, therefore to see what kind of music I have been listening, I made a list of my favourite albums. All of them are wholesome pieces that I can play any day without skipping a single song and it was hard to pick a track to represent each album. But without further ado, this is the list I have compiled.

1) Lee Hyori: Monochrome
Coming out in 2013, this album is easily my all time favourite kpop album. Lee Hyori has some pretty solid pop background ranging from her days in a girl group Fin.K.L and following her solo career adding up to more than ten years in the music industry. Half of the tracks’ lyrics are self composed, just like the pre-release single Miss Korea that Hyori wrote in Paris over a span of two hours. Songs range from upbeat tunes like Holly Jolly Bus to ballads such as Amore Mio that is sung with an accompaniment of piano and string orchestra. Not only are the pieces written by Hyori herself, but we often see her reminisce about her carreer in the entertainment industry (Show Show Show) or the persona she embodies (Bad Girls). I chose a more mellow song to represent the album, easily one of my favourite song for the atmospheric sound and melancholic lyrics.

2) Tablo: Fever’s End
Album released in October of 2011 is a direct confession of its author after a bout of depression following his father’s death. The personal struggle is highlighted in ten tracks divided into two parts. Despite the depressing content the album makes for a truly well thought out piece of art complete with the artwork done on the physical album. One particular song stands out and gives hope to its listeners, which is Thank You For Breathing. Tablo lists all the things he is thankful for and the things that make him continue with a more positive outlook on life. Just like the name of the album, every fever has its end indeed.

3) MYK & Shirosky: Adaptations
This work is free to share on Bandcamp and I wholeheartedly urge you to go and download it. The content of this album makes for the lyrically beautiful imagery and chill tunes. Shirosky, the DJ part of the duo behind this work, is said to be inspired by Nujabes and his music, and the likeness is very much apparent in the resulting work. This short album consisting of five tracks make for a nice listen to kick back and just enjoy the day with your legs propped and enjoying any kind of beverage after a long day.

4) Ga In: Hawwah
Since Ga In is already known for her provocative music and performances, basing a whole album on the Lilith archetype is nothing surprising. For those who don’t known, Lilith in Jewish mythology was a first wife of Adam which was created from the same sediment as Adam and refused to lay beneath him when making love since the two of them were equal. Therefore she was banished from paradise and left to procreate with demons. Taking the concept of equality and Paradise Lost (just like the title track of this mini album) she explores the darker, more raunchy parts of female psyche. Interesting listen with a very catchy songs.

5) Until The Ribbon Breaks: A Lesson Unlearnt
I discovered the full album only recently, still surviving on their mini albums. I loved their earlier works so being enamoured with the full album came as no surprise to me. Wholesome electronic music that ranges from pop to rock and hip hop, all with an alternative edge to it consisting of two members came out with an album in 2015. Each song is an original journey through the electronic music spectrum. Most of the time, I get the feeling of being submerged under water, listening to the beat of the song as a lifeline in the hazy murky waters. It is only right that I chose a song called Orca to represent the general feeling of the album.

6) f(x): Pink Tape
I couldn’t write this list without mentioning my favourite kpop group. Despite this album recieving mixed reviews from left to right, I came to fall in love with it instantly. From the physical aspect of the album artwork to the tracks, I can’t help myself but adore it. It is a very feminine, electro pop release from 2013 after two year long wait for the full album from the group. Uptempo songs, sweet ballads and atrful pop tracks like Shadow make for the atmospheric release perfect for the summer, just what is f(x) known for. It is an easy to listen album that doesn’t require any deep thinking but amuses nonetheless.

7) AlunaGeorge: Body Music
2013 album by electronic pop duo AlunaGeorge (yes, these are their respective names) makes for a good listen. Artful concept when talking about their music videos is a definite plus I need to mention. You can obviously see that there has been a lot of thought put into their music, starting from the lyrics and continuing with the visual aspect of their art. All of the songs are a nice listen, making for a wholesome album that makes you hit the repeat button over and over.

8) Cage The Elephant: Cage The Elephant
Easily my favourite rock piece of all times. Cage the Elephant became known for their song Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked for the movie Rocknrolla and the album contains the songs and many more. Need something to jam to when driving a car? This is my pick for you.


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